With the globalization of the continuously growing DIY industry, we as suppliers can use the support of a European federation: FEDIYMA. With the formation of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), and the strong cooperation between the countries in the Asian area, Europe is also becoming an important player. 

FEDIYMA delivers competitive advantages, and it is an opportunity to promote dialogue and exchanges between suppliers and retail on a European and global basis. 


FEDIYMA, The Federation of European DIY Manufacturers’ Associations, has its headquarters in Belgium since 2010. The federation was founded in 2001 by the German (BAU + DIY), the French (UNIBAL) and the English federation (BEHTA). The operational management is in the hands of Germany.

Six countries are united in the FEDIYMA: Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and Denmark. These are also the biggest European DIY players: they represent approximately 68% of the European market. 

FEDIYMA regroups its objectives in four strategies:

  1. Represent and defend the ethical and professional interests of its members
  2. Improve the knowledge of the DIY market and the related products
  3. Monitoring and interpreting new consumer trends
  4. Improve the knowledge about the world, export and furthermore encouraging international relations